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Tarn Landscape
Visites et tousrime dans le Tarn

Visits and essential activities near the campsite

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The Albi region naturally includes Albi Episcopal city itself, but this is far from being the region's only treasure.
Ambialet is perched above the Tarn river, Cordes sur Ciel rises into the heavens, Monestiés has its life-size statues, Penne has its breath-taking castle...Discover the towns with their heritage buildings,the villages with their character, the varied landscapes.

Around the campsite : walking itineraries in the vicinity (several km of marked-out tracks and pathways).
Ideally situated for visiting the 17 major sites in Midi Pyrénées (Rocamadour, Cahors, Viaduc de Millau, Foix, Pic du Midi, Marciac, Moissac...).

Albi : 30km

Classified by UNESCO since 2010
Albi is remarkable due to its impressive fortified cathedral Saint-Cecilia and the Berbie Palace, the old residence of Albi archbishops, both of which tower over the old city centre and the river. Albi is the birthplace of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and the town has a museum which houses the world's largest collection of works of this post-impressionist painter . Lastly, Albi is an important historical place having given its name to the Cathar movement, 'the Albigensians', who suffered greatly due to the violent repression in the 12th century by the catholic church known as the Albigensian crusade. The cathedral Saint-Cecilia was erected by the catholics in order to fight the Cathar heresy. The town of Albi is on the river Tarn not far from the Gaillac vineyards, the Cordes plateau and the forest of Grésigne.

Gaillac : 15km

Gaillac and its millennial vineyards
Located in the north of the Tarn department, the Gaillac AOC label covers 2,500 hectares spread out over 73 districts with an annual output of more than 165,000 hl.
Today, this label consists of about one hundred private estates and three wine cooperatives. The three different soil types and the great age of the vineyards mean that the Gaillac wines are both varied and steeped in tradition. The multi-faceted vineyard produces reds, rosés, dry whites, sparkling, pearly, sweet and nouveau wines.

Cordes sur Ciel : 22km

Charming village
Cordes sur Ciel fascinates all visitors, being above all a vision: one of a city rising towards the heavens. Its unique location and its remarkable architectural heritage make it one of the most significant medieval cities in France, and one of the key sites of European heritage. It has been classified as a major site in Midi-Pyrénées and it was the French favourite village in 2014 ! Its authentic lifestyle has attracted and retained many who find their inspiration there.

The Bastide- on site

Tour of the Bastides
Stroll through the town streets, climb the ramparts, explore the fortified passages... and discover the mysteries in these magical places... The history of these Tarn bastides goes back to the 13th and 14th centuries when, favoured by the tragic events of the Cathar repression known as the Albigensian Crusade, these towns started to develop and prosper.

Tour of the Bastides

Penne : 18km

Penne & the Aveyron Valley
In the green countryside of the Aveyron Gorges, just off from a shady country road, nestles the small village of Penne-du-Tarn. This proud citadel, with its narrow streets and its old castle, a medieval chef d'oeuvre, is perched on the promontory of the highest hill overlooking the Aveyron river. Whitewater canoeing enthusiasts have everything they need here. Others will prefer exploring the depths of the gorges practicing amateur speleology or simply bathing and relaxing down by the riverside. Whitewater sports, speleology, astronomy... in the heart of the Aveyron Gorges.

Toulouse : 75km

Toulouse, the “pink” city has a friendly and lively atmosphere of the southern cities of France. With its pretty little streets, its old facades, its religious buildings and museums of all kinds, Toulouse is also a city of art and history with a rich architectural and artistic heritage.

Tours : The Capitol square, the St Sernin Basilica, the banks of the Garonne, the St Pierre square, the Space city...

Carcassonne : 165km

The medieval walled city of Carcassonne, World Heritage of Unesco has a unique historical and cultural past.
Everything has been planned here for you to relive the golden age of knights and immerse yourself in the medieval univers : typical alleys of the Middle Ages, timbered facades, ramparts, castel...an amazing sight !
Tours : The St Nazaire Basilica, The Cmtal castel, the Narbonne door, the Aude door, the City theatre, the Lices, the ramparts, the Grand Puits.

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